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Animal healing consent form

Animal Healing consent Form

If you require animal healing services, a completed consent form is required by me before treatment can begin.

Option 1 – fill in and submit the form below

Option 2 – Download and print a form here

(Please send this form to the address provided on the form. For remote healing work, please also send a sample of fur from the animal)

Animal details

In compliance with british Law, I Kim McMuldrow ask all prospective clients to first check with, and seek advice from their own Veterinary Surgeon, as shamanic healing for animals is complementary to, and not instead of veterinary treatment.

Name of animal:
Type of Animal:

Client details

I hereby give Kim McMuldrow permission to work with the above mentioned animal.

First name of guardian:
Last name of guardian:
Address line 1:
Address line 2:
Address line 3:
Telephone number:
Email address: *
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