The Shamen knows all life is sacred\ All illnesses have a spiritual origin\ Achieve a point of balance within yourself\

Moon Wind Shamanic Ways - Human Healing


A human in need of healing may be a person suffering from serious mental or emotional pain, or someone who is taunted by questions such as:


♦ Where do I fit in?

♦ Why despite such abundance in my life, do I feel so incomplete, still wanting more?

♦ I should be feeling strong, powerful even, but my life is empty?

♦ Why do relationships keep going wrong?


They may have tried to fill gaps in their life with destructive behaviour patterns such as using drugs or other substances that numb the pain and anguish. Despite overcoming such behaviour, they still feel powerless in becoming ‘right’ or ‘whole’ again. This is where I can help.


Just as the Shaman knows that all life is sacred, the Shamanic Practitioner knows that today’s society offers so much, but cannot prepare us for complex aspects of life such as loss, abuse, stress, accident or bereavement. Such aspects have a spiritual origin or basis; a loss of soul energy or spiritual energy is at their source. I can help to restore my clients’ vital life source, bringing them to a point of balance within themselves.


I use the following Shamanic techniques



Where, using a drum or rattle to assist a shift in my own consciousness, I enter other worlds to gather wisdom or information from spirit on behalf of my client.


Power animal retrieval

A power animal offers us protection from illness, adds to our personal power, and allows us access to its deep wisdom.  A person may have several power animals over their lifetime.  For one of many reasons a power animal may leave, and another not come to take its place.  If this happens the person is considered to have power loss, and is therefore vulnerable to illness.


Soul retrieval

Returning with the help of spirit, soul energy or essence which has been lost through trauma or loss.  Assisting after in its re-integration so that the client is once more empowered, and revitalised.


Extraction work

To remove misplaced energy within the body that may be manifesting as sickness, pain, or emotional imbalance. Once removed, the 'space' left is refilled with energy, that will be of a positive benefit to the client.


Shamanic ceremony and ritual

These can be a particularly beautiful part of the healing process, and may be used in several ways to enhance or celebrate the work done.


The Michael Harner Method of Shamanic Counselling

A particular method created by Michael Harner.  It is an experiential method that empowers the client to seek answers, assistance and help with daily life questions.



My work is done from the heart, with integrity and respect.


The path to healing is unique to you, so after a ‘first meet’ – a discussion of your needs – I offer:


One:one sessions in healing the self

Each session is as individual as the person seeking themselves.  Some may find one session enough, others may need more for the work to be of benefit to them.


Shamanic Journey For Guidance

Help on a particular question that you may have.


Life After Soul Retrieval

Guidance, with the help of spirit, on integrating the newly returned soul energies.


Healing for the land

The land feels; and remembers.  All that has occured since the beginning of time is held within it.  By working with the spirit of place,healing can begin.


Psychopomp work

Ceremony and ritual are important aspects at key times in our lifetime.  Especially so for the dying; or after death.  To mindfully and respectfully be a part of this process, honouring the soul that is taking, or has taken, its greatest journey, would be a privilege.


I ask only that those who wish to work with me come freely, honestly, with an open mind, and a commitment to allow change to enter their life.


Any work is only undertaken with the express permission of the individual.

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