The Shamen knows all life is sacred\ All illnesses have a spiritual origin\ Achieve a point of balance within yourself\

Moon Wind Shamanic Ways - Animal Healing


Shamanic practices can offer a different concept in how we heal and sustain relationships with our animal companions. All animals have souls, and we are all connected at the soul level. To connect with our pets or companions at the soul level offers us access to a greater understanding of them – and understanding can bring about healing. I can help you to truly get to know your animal companion, and to facilitate healing of any imbalance in the human-animal relationship.


A familiar problem may be:


♦ Your animal has an illness which, despite conventional methods, appears not to improve
♦ The animal in your life exhibits seemingly erratic behaviour
♦ Your animal companion appears stressed



Would you like a relationship with your animal built on natural respect, not conflict?


I offer one:one sessions in animal soul wisdom and animal healing

I actively encourage the human member of the partnership to be a part of this process, and may work in conjunction with them to achieve this.


It is possible to conduct this work remotely, and to do so I require a sample of hair or fur from the animal; or if easier a photo.


In compliance with British Law I ask all prospective clients to check out any potential health issues with their own Veterinary Surgeon first, as this work is complementary to, and not instead of Veterinary treatment.


Translate and accept your animal's instincts and emotions into your life, for healing and harmony.


If you require animal healing services, a completed consent form is required by me before treatment can begin.




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