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Moon Wind Shamanic Ways - Equine healing


Shamanism gifts the individual with the opportunity to open one’s heart and access the wisdom, teachings and beauty of the world around us from all of life.


More and more do I find that the exquisite sensitivities of the horse offer us the chance to learn and grow and heal our spirit. They are masters of emotional congruence and can show us who we truly are, or can be should we dare to stand before them and ask.


However, as sentient beings just like us, they in turn may suffer trauma and stress.

My shamanic practice encompasses more and more work with horses, on many levels.


As with companion animals, I am able to offer one:one sessions. Either personally or remotely.


When appropriate I am also able to provide intuitive healing techniques.


The Broadmeadow Holistic centre where I am based is also a place where we can take in a few horses at any one time for remedial care.


E.g. if a horse is showing signs of emotional, mental, physical, spiritual stress - "broken spirit".


Or for respite care e.g. after minor operations where the horse needs time to rest and recuperate. We are in a position to undertake specific nursing tasks, working with an excellent local equine vet if required (Stretton Hills Veterinary Practice). The services of other allied equine professionals are also available.


Each horse is treated as an individual – so we can look to a truly holistic approach to their healing, return to wholeness.


Any therapies or training techniques used will be dependent on the horse's needs, and only after prior consultation with the owner.  Owner participation is encouraged from the outset... so that together we may look towards the horse's healing; as well as a rebuilding of a close, harmonious, richer and truly balanced human:horse relationship once more.


The most important thing is that they are given time…


Kim is a listed (retired) veterinary nurse and has a foundation degree in equine science.  She has many years of experience being around horses on many levels.



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